Shore Mobile Detailing's Detail Process

Most detailers would never reveal their internal detailing process, for a variety of reasons.
However, at Shore mobile we are proud to share our Detailing process with you, our customers.
The results of our internal details services are phenominal !! 

Phase 1 of the detail

The assessment

Stage 1:
Confirm that all and any larger objects have been removed from the vehicle prior to our arrival

Stage 2
We inspect the vehicle for ANY defects that may exist such as 
scratches in paint, broken lenses or lights, windshields or glass.
Any internal defects rips or tears
All mechanical and electronic devices are functional

Stage 3
The wash process
We begin with a thorough rinse of the vehicles exterior
Power rinsing removes all and any loose dirt from the paint surface as well as the vehicles underside.
removing loose particles of dirt helps prevent scratching of the vehicles paint surface

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