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Professional Detailers Dictionary

Wax – An organic layer of a waterproof plant which when applied to a vehicles paint prevents metal from turning to rust.

Polish – A chemical Used to remove a layer haze which can cloud & reduce the brilliant color of the original paint.

Ceramic Coating – an expensive synthetic polymer which protect vehicle paint from foreign object & contam for up to 9 years.

Brake Dust – As brakes are applied while driving,friction wears off organic material which darkens & covers rusts nice wheels.

DeCon – a chemical which removes iron particles that embed themselves into your paint causing orange specs.

Claybar – A special clay which extracts paint contamination caused by daily driving. Brightens & enhances visual appearance.

AIO – All-in-One: a polish & wax mixed together to both remove haze on pain and put down a layer of wax in one effort.

Wax Sealant – Similar to paste wax, but a liquid form which last much longer protecting up to a year.

Wheels – The round chrome or black metal portion which the tires attach to.

Tire Shine – A chemical which when applied to the rubber tire returns the rubber to a black shine & UV protects them.

Polishing Pad – A foam round pad used to apply the chemical polish to the vehicles paint.

Carnuba Wax – An organic material created from a Brazilian Carnuba tree used as wax used to protect vehicle paint.

Express Wax – Protective wax in a spray bottle used to keep the potency of wax higher used on a regular basis.

Paste Wax – Vehicle wax comes in a can & applied by hand to protect your vehicles paint.

A.P.C. – All Purpose Cleaner user to removed light to heavy dirt.

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Exterior Detail – A professional Deep thorough cleaning of a vehicle exterior down to each & every particle.

Iron remover – A chemical used to remove iron particles deposited from train rails used to transport new vehicles.

Microfiber towels – A synthetic cloth towel containing millions of microscopic fingers used to capture dirt from anything used on

Meguiars – An in-famous long renown car cleaning chemical manufacturing company.

Polishing Buffer – a machine used to to apply cleaning polish in a high speed manner. Equal to moving your otherwise hand thousands of times a second.

Degreaser – A liquid chemical used to physically break down dirt grime and grease from surfaces. 

Quick Detailer – A liquid wax applied in a spray bottle to your paints surface

Tires – The round rubber material which a car rides on that contains air.

Polish pad

U.V. Protection – A chemical when applied to plastics & rubbers which keeps the sun from cracking & breaking them.

Extractor – A cleaning device which both sprays clean water onto carpet and extracts the dirty water at the same time.



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