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About Us

Shore Mobile Detailing
-Ride with Pride-
Our Mission: To restore your vehicles interior and exterior to as close as possible to show room condition.
If new, to maintain your vehicles in that 0r better condition keeping its value to it’s maximum .. All of this done
at your home in your own driveway with you never needing to interrupt your day.
We are a father son team located in southern NJ  – 5 years ago we thought we would follow our passion for 70’s muscle cars, exoctic cars, sports cars and start a car detailing business. The idea was to work with owners of incredible vehicles who wanted to keep their vehicle looking perfect in order to maintain absolute top value & condition. However, things have turned out a bit different. Instead what we have found is an incredible following of regular everyday people who love our work in maintaining their vehicles. We have met dozens of New Jerseyans who have shown us  incredible hospitality when we have worked at their homes detailing their vehicles. This alone has been an unexpected and welcomed surprise. For as we all know New Jerseyans have not been known for their warmness, but we have found just the opposite to be true. We hope to earn your trust and your  business in the very near future.  We are certain that you will be delighted in the thorough and carefully crafted detail that we provide for you and your vehicles.
– President – SMD
March 27, 2021or 

Covid-19 Message from the SMD President CEO

covid19 mask

Here at Shore Mobile Detailing (SMD) we take every precaution to protect you, your family as well as our valued staff of detailing specialists in the field. Last year during the begining of the crisis our capacity to help our customers was cut by as much as 75% due to the unclear guidelindes for protecting yourself and others against the virus. So, rather than speculating or operating dangerously, we decided to suspend our operations until later in the year when the message on protection became much clearer. 
With that said, we at SMD have implemented the following Covid safe operations structure.
1. All SMD field detailing specialist will maintain continuous mask use during:
 * Initial contact with our customers, unless you request contactless detailing
 * While inside the vehicle performing our Superior Interior Detail

If you or someone you know has been in contact with the virus & has been inside the vehicle(s) that we have contracted to detail, please inform us during the booking of the detail so we can decide whether or not to accept the opportunity or mitagate the issue.

Elder Wash

Shore Mobile Detailing LLC is totally committed to the local community, it’s economy and it’s residents, especial those members of the adult senior community.
So, we have established The “Elder Wash Program” in the surrounding areas. Every 3rd Sunday of the month we have pledged to wash 10 – 15 vehicles
for the 55 and over members of the community. The cost for each wash is $10

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    What is mobile detailing

    Mobile Detailing is having a detailing specialist perform the detail at your home or business. Many mobile detailers will require that you have water & or electric available. This create added efficientcy for the detailer in that they will not need to carry a water tank with them. The water & electric cost are miniscule for the small amount of water & electric that will be used during your detail.

    Can I bring my vehicle to your shop

    Mobile detailers rarely operate from stationary shops. This allows for incredibly flexible operations and eliminates the customer inconvenience of needing to arrange for a drop off and pick-up of their vehicle. Many customers have actually conplained that stationary detailers have needed to keep their vehicle for as long as a week due to the line of customers. With Mobile detailed lines don’t exist because by nature we show up on your schedule at your convenience, not ours.

    What makes you better than other detailers

    Under construction

    do you detail in other states

    Under contruction

    Iwhy are your prices so high

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    Why not just go to a car wash

    There is an enormous difference between car washes and mobile detailers. By definition Detailers maintain and increase the value of your vehicle. Car washes remove bird poop and maybe some other contaniments though at a cost – The cost is the posibilty of scratching or marring your paint. A Detailer costs more that a car wash do to the detailers Planned approch at restoring your vehicle and protecting it for longevity and value. More over choosen detailers are skilled in the art of detailing. A good comparison whould be like using a garden hose to clean your kitchen, you just spray the entire kitchen getting everything wet as opposed to removing the items that you don’t want wet and cleaning specific items such as the silerware with silver polish and the dished with dish detergent.