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The most important thing you can do to protect your investment is to keep it cleaned and clear of Trees, Algae, Debris and contaminents each year. This is very simply done with a thorough wash with a high alkaline soap and a high quality NON-organic protectant unlike organic Wax. This also keeps it looking it’s very best as well. Shore Mobile Detailing comes to your site, Perfectly details and protects your RV or camper to keep it protected and looking great for years to come.

Camper Trailer

Have the best looking Camper on the Campsite, inside and out. Before opening day give us a call and we will perfectly detail your summer home.
Exterior Detail  $14 Per Ft.
 (doesn’t include Roof)
Wash – Dry – Wax complete – $14 Per Ft
includes wheels – tires – Push-outs
Clean Wax all Glass
Interior Detail    $5 Per Ft.
Vaccum all room
Wipe all countertops
Wipe down all hard surfaces
Clean all interior glass
Clean all bunk areas


RV Motorhome

Driving a beautiful motorhome down the road is a fantastic experience. Your motorhome should  look as fantastic.

Complete Exterior Detail – $14 per foot
Complete Exterior and Interior Detail – $19 Pf

Exterior Detail:

  • Foam Wash and Dry
  • Tires scrubbed & cleaned
  • Tires Shined  & protected
  • Wheels cleaned and protected 
  • The entire vehicle protected with a 6 mth  sealant protectant

Interior Detail:

  • Spills minimized or removed to best possible
  • Carpets vaccumed
  • Furnitured celaned and shinned
  • Bathroom/Shower sterilized\cleaned
  • Driver pass area Detailed & Shined


Motor Home Coach

Trailer Detailing By The Foot