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2 MINI-DETAILS EACH MONTH only $89.95 - Keep Your Vehicle at It's Very Best

Step out of your home on a Saturday morning to a beautifully detailed vehicle !!
Nothing left to do but to enjoy your Day, Your family and your Stuff. Why,  Because you are a member of the 
Shore Mobile Detailing Car Care Club

 1. Have your vehicle (s) detailed
    2. Pay with a Debit or Credit card  
3. Sign-up for the Car Car Club –
2 Mini-Details each month for $89.95 

Give us your rotation schedule for the month- And we show-up !!
Maybe the day after you return from a mini-vacation – You text- We will come detail your vehicle (No additional charge).
Give it a try – Beats the heck out of taking your vehicle down to the local car wash, handling vacuums and tools the public also handles. Spending your morning  vacuuming and scrubbing spilled juices stains etc…..