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Selling Your Used Car Detail Package

used car buyers

Selling a vehicle you’re no longer usimg or need can be an opportunity to make a good buck. However, in order to sell it quickly You must set a good price, The vehicle needs to be in good mechanical shape, and finally is must have curb appeal and a clean interior.  Once the cars perfectly detailed exterior causes a buyer to stop and look, the second is the sniff test. Does the interior look and smell clean ? If the answer is yes, NOW negotiations begin. This is where your $200 investment in a detail pays off and helps make you $2,000 !!

USed Car Sellers Detail Package

For those selling a used car
Completely washed vehicle
Beautiful Wax and shine paint
All tires cleaned shined & UV protected
Wheels thouroughly cleaned & shined
Under hood wipe down & shined
Hood and trunck channels cleaned