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Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle - Invest in a Disinfect Before Riding inside

Do Your Happy Dance in a Clean Car


2-Door Coupe – $
4-Door Sedan
Full Size Luxury
Small SUV
Full Size SUV
Extended SUV
2 Door PU
4 Door Crew Cab PU

Used Car Detail Package - Buying

Extreme Interior Detailing

  • Dissenfect complete interior of vehicle
  • Throughly vacuum interior of vehicle
  • Through & complete Shampoo of all Carpets
  • Clean – Shine – Re-condition-UV protect Leather seats
  • Clean, Shine and UV protect Cupholders,Console,Plastic
  • Clean interior hatch, shine & protect
  • Clean all Vents, Shifter, between seats
  • Reduce or remove up to six stains
  • Remove pet hair to best possible

Exterior Detail

  • Complete and thorough light power wash
  • Hand Wash of vehicle
  • All Fender wells
  • Underneath vehicle removing any road salts
  • Clean around & inside all emblems
  • Clean all door jams & Wax
  • Clean all Hood & Trunk channels
  • Claybar paint removing contaminents