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Shore Mobile Detailing Provides excellent vehicle detailing to our customers directly in their driveways, at their business or any place detailing services are needed. 

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Vehicle Detailing Services

What is Detailing ?

Detailing is the ART of using a combination of chemicals, elbow grease, technical knowledge and passion to achieve outstanding results in the transformation and protection of SMD customer vehicles including everything from automobiles to aircraft. 

Why Detail Your Vehicle

While the obvious answer to why go through the process of having your vehicle detailed would be to keep it looking great would be true, However, protection would be a major reason for DETAILING. If you start with a perfect vehicle from the dealer, and maintain it in that condition, at re-sale,  trade-in, or lease return time the vehicle with have mantained its absolutely top value.

Shore Mobile Professional Detail Services

Basic Detailing Services

Interior Detailing: 
Goal: To create an interior that is as close in cleanliness and shine as it was while on the dealer floor

* Thorough vacuuming of all carpets – under and around all seats 
* The entire dash, instrument panel all vents, the center console & cup holders are perfectly cleaned, shined & protected
* The leather seats are thoroughly cleaned of surface dirt, hand oils & finally rejuvenated against cracking & UV protected against the harsh sunlight.
* All Plastic door panels front & rear are cleaned, shined and protected – * Headliner is spot cleaned 
* Note: All pet hair, Stains, & additional dirt are removed at a small additional cost –
* Note: Shampoo of seats & Carpet are discussed during intial quote talk

Exterior Detailing:
To create the best exterior appearance possible, once achieved, seal and protect the paint from the elements

* Complete and thoroughly remove all surface dirt, oils, Bird droppings, salt & any contaminants that would allow the elements to cause rust.
* Surface is prepared and protected by Wax, or Ceramic coating as selected by owner
* Wheels and Tires are throuoghly cleaned shined & protected against UV sunlight
* All Glasses are thoroughly cleaned and shined

Vehicle Type

Full Size SUV Mobile Detail

Full Size SUV – Basic Detail Interior & Exterior $250 (best deal Save $25)
Interior ONLY $125  Exterior ONLY $150 Approx 3.5 hrs

Free Mobile Service

Free mobile service with each detail included in Price.
This means you 
* Have to arrange a ride to drop off your vehicle
* We bring our expert services to you
* You can literally wake up to a fully detailed       vehicle in your driveway
* No waiting for our next appoinment 1 month from now – like other detailers
* Have to go to another car wash again

Vehicle Type

Full size – Extended SUV Mobile Detail
Extended SUV – Basic Detail Interior & Exterior $425 (best deal SAVE $24.00)
Interior ONLY $199 Exterior ONLY $250

Vehicle Type

Full Size Mini-Van Mobile Detail 

Basic Detail Interior & Exterior $299.00 (best deal save $50 )
Interior ONLY $199   Exterior ONLY $150 Approx 3.5 hrs

Vehicle Type

Compact car Mobile Detail
Compact Car Basic Detail Interior & Exterior $159  (best deal SAVE $15 )

Interior ONLY $75 Exterior ONLY $99  Approx  2.5 Hrs.

Vehicle Type

Full size Crew cab 4 Dr Mobile Detail 
Basic Detail – Interior & Exterior $275 (best deal $50) Lifted trucks add 1 hour labor
Interior ONLY – $125  Exterior ONLY $225  Approx 4.0 Hrs.

Crew Cab Pick-up

Vehicle Type

4 Door Mid-size Mobile Detail – Tesla Model 3 Detail or Model Y Detail
4 Door Sedan Basic Detail Interior & Exterior $140

Interior ONLY $65 Exterior $100 Approx 3hrs

Vehicle Type

Full Size 4 door Mobile Detail
Luxury Sport Sedan Basic Detail Interior & Exterior  $275 (best deal SAVE $75)

Interior ONLY $125 Exterior ONLY $225 Approx 3.5 hrs

Luxury Full Sized Sedan

Vehicle Type

2 Door Coupe Mobile Detail
2-Door Coupe Interior & Exterior basic Detail $150.00 (best deal SAVE $10)
Interior only $75  Exterior $85.00  Approx 2 hours

Vehicle Type

2 Door Custom Pick-up Mobile Detail
2 Door Pick-up  Basic Detail Interior & Exterior $175 (best deal SAVE $50)  Lifted vehicles ADD 1 hour labor)

Interior ONLY $75  Exterior only $175 Approx 2.5 hours

New Vehicle Package Protection Plan

Most new vehicle purchasers believe the new vehicle they are purchasing includes some sort of protection for their vehicle.
However, unless you actually purchase this protection at a substantial cost, your vehicle has NO paint protection at all.
Shore Mobile Detailing provides a substantial better protection package at half the cost.
New Vehicle package …………………..
* Basic Wash of entire Vehicle

* Thorough cleaning and Rain-x of all glass
* Cleaning of Tires and UV protection applied to reduce cracking and drying
* Cleaning and wax of wheels
* Complete Wax protection of your new vehicles finish
* Protection and UV protection of all interior plastic ex:doors, dash, console interior hatch
Average cost of this package is $150 cars -$225 for Larger SUVS
Ask for the New Vehicle Package

Selling Used vehicle package

When selling a vehicle – your goal is to profit as much as possible on the sale 

Buying Used Car package

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Lease return package

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